• Boating & canoeing

    Enjoy boating, canoeing, paddle boating, fishing or even swimming during the stunning outdoor colorful fall and spring seasons

    Petting Zoo

    Our barnyard petting zoo is great fun for kids of all ages! The animals may consist of chicks, ducklings, bunnies, goats, sheep, mini horse

    Trampoline & moon bounce

    Children are welcome to come anytime during the day and enjoy open play on our 2 12'x12' Trampoline and our 15'x 15' Inflatable Jumpy, Bounce House

    Sports grounds

    Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Kickball, Tennis, Tetherball, Golfing, Biking, Brightly lit Basketball, Hockey & Volleyball

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    Yeshiva / Schools

    Explore amazing features

    Futures that go the extra mile

    hot Coffee

    Coffee area open daily,
    24 hour upon request

    Game Room

    Cinema/play room with variety of games


    Wireless Fidelity available upon request

    indoor pool

    Outdoor Pool
    open in Season

    Virtual Tour

    Frequently Ask Questions


    What is DSSJEC?

    This non-profit facility was built specifically to be a Jewish retreat center. Particularly focused on creating an atmosphere to engage youth, the facility celebrates Judaism in many ways. The layout is perfect for enjoying Shabbat in any weather, it has open spaces to encourage casual and meaningful conversations. It has areas for formal and informal classes, and areas to play and relax. The public areas easily conform to the different needs of each group. Most important, only one group at a time occupies the center. That means the group totally controls the atmosphere.

    What role does the DSSJEC staff play in planning and running an event?

    The DSSJEC staff specializes in running Jewish retreats. From the patient group manager who will work with you to plan the setup of the rooms and public facilities, to the grounds staff that understands the needs of a Jewish group, you will experience top rate costumer service. We are dedicated to Jewish continuity, and want to ensure your guests get the most benefit out of their stay here.

    What food plans do you offer?

    We offer food plans ranging from a basic school type menu to an upscale banquet type presentation. We work with you to tailor make your menu based on your needs and cost. We are most reasonably priced on all levels. We maintain high kashrus standards and groups who desire may bring their own mashgiach.

    Do you have flexible options for budget conscious groups?

    We try to work with each group to craft a setup that balances their needs with the need to cut costs. Groups can choose to provide their own bedding for all or part of the group. Groups can choose waiter service or self serve. They can also bring in cold kosher snacks to serve, although not from the kitchen.There are many other optional amenities to choose from, such as extra cots and refrigerators in the rooms, bonfires, A/V equipment, gameroom, and sports equipment.

    What is there to do at the DSSJEC?

    We feature an indoor pool, spacious lobbies, social hall with stage, audio/visual equipment, game show set, bounce house, shul, petting zoo, outdoor courts and fields, gameroom, library and more

    Do you ever have more than one group at a time?

    One of the best parts of the DSSJEC is that it is like your entire group staying in one huge house. That contributes to the magical moments of growth and inspiration that are a regular occurrence at the center. Therefore, it is rare that we would have more than one group. (It might happen if 2 groups agree to share the facility, and in that case, the staff would work with the groups to make it work.)

    What type of groups typically come to the DSSJEC?

    We host many organizations, schools, chesed, outreach and chizuk. Groups are from all ideologies; yeshivas and bais yaakovs, chassidish, yeshivish, and other streams of Judaism. We also host family gatherings and simchos.

    When and how long do groups visit?

    We have groups over Shabbos and groups tha come during the weekdays. Groups sleep over one night to a week or more. We entertain day groups as well. We are open from September to mid-June. We are not open as a retreat center during the summer season. We are available for yomim tovim.

    How many people can you accommodate?

    Our facility was built to be extremely flexible. Therefore, we accommodate groups from 25 to 225. We are happy to discuss whether your group is right for our facility.

    Can you provide references?

    We will gladly provide references of groups similar to yours.

    How much in advance do you book?

    Booking for the season generally opens after Pesach. We tend to book up quickly, but there are always changes and cancellations, sometimes even at the last minute. Don't hesitate to call and inquire. Its happened many times that we are able to accommodate late bookings.